Discover Magic™ - A Short Video Introduction

Designed by acclaimed magic teacher, Michael Ammar, for children ages 7-17, this comprehensive four-year program brings a student through three levels of performance proficiency and then into a mentoring relationship with a younger student.

The accompanying short video gives you a glimpse into the philosophy behind the curriculum.

About Us

Purple Wand


These eight magic tricks focus on mastering the necessary dexterity for effectively  performing magic.

Orange Wand


This set of eight magic magic tricks brings greater attention to the presentational elements that make interaction with the audience more satisfying.

Green Wand


Finessing both the mechanical skills of the magician and his/her presentational skills grows out of the mastery of these eight magic routines.

For high school students who are ready to mentor younger students in magic, this level brings an understanding and experience to the student prior to their graduation into the adult program of the Omaha Magical Society.

Come and see us

The first visit is always free

Meeting at the Southwest Church of Christ (124th and Dodge in Omaha) on the second and fourth Monday nights of the month, we invite you to come and visit.

The first visit is always free and then each  year-long wand level costs $55 per year per student.

2600 South 124th Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68144, United States