Fun Fact: The Omaha Magical Society will be 100 years old in 2021.

Fun Fact:  We have a magic library of 1200 volumes.

Fun Fact: We sponsor 5-7 international magic lecturers each year - bringing them to Omaha to present in their area of expertise.

Fun Fact: Our parent organization, The Society of American Magicians,  publishes a monthly magic magazine and has an international convention.

Fun Fact:  You can visit any of our monthly meetings for a free visit and join the Omaha Magical Society for only $20 yearly.  See the membership link on this website for more details.

And the Newsletter Archives link to see what we've been up to this past year.

The Holiday Magic Tricks Booklet

Here's the pdf of the booklet that you can download, print, fold in fourths and distribute to friends and family during this Holiday Season 

compliments of The Omaha Magical Society.

Holiday_Tricks_Pamphlet (pdf)