All 2020 monthly meetings occur from 7-8:30 PM at The Southwest Church of Christ in Omaha.

2020 OMS Monthly Meetings

Monday, January 20


Dream Drawer Workshop

Bring with you a magic trick from your discard drawer and let the group brainstorm a way to make it viable and entertaining. This meeting is always full of creative energy. Surely you have a discarded magic trick that you thought had potential when you bought it . . . but alas . . . hasn't worked out? Click HERE to download a poster for the meeting. In addition OMS member, Tom Neddo, will be presenting and teaching one of his proven routines from his performing repertoire.

Monday, February 17


Mind Reading Magic 

Featuring the branch of magic that creates the illusion of mind reading, this evening features both performances and explanations of some classic effects in both mentalism and what would better be called mental magic. OMS member, Steve Nespor, will be sharing some ideas for the effective use of mind reading magic with children, and our own David Fox will be performing and teaching one of his mentalism routines. You can read more about David at:

Monday, March 16


Wizard Wars

Given only a paper sack full of props and very little time to prepare two teams compete against each other and the vote of the audience to create the most entertaining and mystifying magic routine. 

Welcome to our version of Wizard Wars.

Monday, April 20


Effective Children's Magic

One of our members, Jeff Quinn, who specializes in the field of children's magic shares some strategies for effectiveness and routines . You can download a flier describing his lecture by clicking HERE

Monday, May 18


Routine Refinement

Do you have a routine you've been working on which you'd be willing to receive feedback from other club members? That's what this meeting's all about. We will also be hearing from those returning from AbraCORNdabra in Des Moines, Iowa over the previous weekend.

Monday, June 15


Your Short Shelf

Bring a book that definitely is on your magic "short shelf" of high influence in your magic life - speaking a little about it and/or performing a routine from it. One of our members Ryan Chandler will also be performing and teaching one of his proven routines. You can read more about Ryan at:

Monday, July 20


Dollar Store Magic

Take the challenge if you dare. Bring and present a magic routine using no more than $5 worth of items purchased from your local Dollar Store . . . or share with us a routine you'd perform if you only had sixty seconds to make an impact. Plus . . . watch and learn as experienced OMS member Denny Rourke performs and then teaches one of his audience-tested proven magic routines.

Monday, August 17


Strolling Magic

Come and enjoy the experience of sitting at a table and watching the magic happen right in front of you . . . or bring one of your close-up routines. It's all about experiencing strolling magic routines. Great energy!

Monday, September 21


Kansas City Visiting Magicians

In exchange for a group of our members who went to Kansas City earlier in 2020, they are sending a three-person team to perform and teach us at this meeting.

Monday, October 19


Seasonal Magic

What seasonal magic do you enjoy performing for either your Halloween or Christmas shows? In this meeting, members share their favorite seasonal routines. In addition to other performances, Steve Nespor will be performing and teaching a bizarre magic trick that he has found particularly entertaining for his audiences at Halloween.

Monday, November 16


Annual Garage Sale

If ever there was an event that epitomizes the phrase "one man's junk is another man's treasure," this is it. Just because you couldn't figure out how to use the prop doesn't mean that another member might not turn it into a feature routine.

Monday, December 14


Presidential Recognition Dinner

Although we don't have a regular monthly meeting in December, OMS members who have volunteered time and/or financial resources receive invitations to a dinner at the Upstream in the Old Market to celebrate achievements in 2020 and receive the recognition they deserve.