Award Recipients


David P. Abbott Award Recipients

The David P. Abbott Award is presented to a member of the Omaha Magical Socikety who is also a member of the Society of American Magicians; is a currently performing magician; has attained national recognition; and has exhibited strong creativity as an author, inventor or performer.

  • 2006 Walter Graham
  • 2007 David Arch
  • 2008 Dennis Rourke
  • 2009 Pete Petrashek
  • 2010 Tom Zepf
  • 2011 Joe Cole
  • 2012 Jeff Sikora
  • 2013 Luis Villamonte
  • 2016 Dave Madsen 
  • 2019 Ryan Chandler

Top Hat Award Recipients

This special recognition is designed to honor individuals who have distinguished themselves by their generous personal contributions to the Omaha Magical Society.

  • 2014 Larry Brodahl
  • 2015 Walter Graham
  • 2017 Bob Buczkowski
  • 2018 Tom Neddo

OMS Lifetime Members

Any member who has materially contributed to the advancement of the art of magic and has made exemplary contributions to the welfare of The Omaha Magical Society may be a Life Member by a majority vote of members present at any regular monthly meeting provided the matter has been presented at the previous meeting and notice of the purpose and intent of the next meeting has been given by the Secretary of the organization.  OMS Bylaws, Article 3, Sec. 4   The following are those awarded lifetime memberships in the Omaha Magical Society in alphabetical order by last name. 

  • Dave Arch
  • Bob Buczkowski
  • Ron Gerard
  • Walter Graham
  • Charlie Gross
  • Pete Petrashek
  • Bob Pitlor
  • Letha Pitlor
  • Dennis Rourke
  • Ann Rourke
  • Jeff Sikora
  • Tom Zepf